Research Interests

After a brief hiatus to sort things out due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CombOpt reading group is continuing its “Research Interests” series in Spring term 2020.

This term our reading group will be exploring the various research interests of students and faculty working on problems related to combinatorial optimization. If you would like to present on your recent work or a paper you find interesting please let one of the organizers know. This is a great opportunity to learn what other people working in combinatorial optimization are studying and to encourage collaboration.


Spring 2020 Active Schedule. Playlist for previously recorded talks here.

Date Topic Presenter
May 29, 2020 b-Matching Games: A Case Study in Computing the Nucleolus on Graphs of Bounded Treewidth Justin Toth
June 05, 2020 A Strongly Polynomial Label-Correcting Algorithm for Linear Systems with Two Variables per Inequality Cedric Koh
June 12, 2020 One Dollar Each Eliminates Envy Vishnu Narayan
June 18, 2020 Talk Occurs on Thursday at 1:30 Graph coloring of graphs with large girth is hard for the Nullstellensatz Julian Romero
July 10, 2020 Reachability in arborescence packings Florian Hoersch
July 17, 2020 Two unsolved problems: Birkhoff–von Neumann graphs and PM-compact graphs Nishad Kothari
July 24, 2020 A 43-Approximation Algorithm for the Minimum 2-Edge Connected Multisubgraph Problem in the Half-Integral Case Slides Sharat Ibrahimpur
July 31, 2020 Weighted Maximum Multicommodity Flows over time Haripriya Pulyassary

Winter 2020 Talks

Date Topic Presenter
Jan 10, 2020 Beating 32 for Approximating TSP in the Half-Integral Case Logan Grout
Jan 17, 2020 The Capacitated Survivable Network Design Problem Ishan Bansal
Jan 24, 2020 On the Strong Nine Dragon Tree Conjecture Ben Moore
Jan 31, 2020 Network Design for s-t Effective Resistance Hong Zhou
Feb 14, 2020 The Aggregation Closure is Polyhedral for Packing and Covering Integer Programs Kanstantsin Pashkovich
Feb 28, 2020 An Introduction to the Circuits of Polyhedra, the Circuit Diameter, and Their Applications Sean Kafer
Mar 06, 2020 Recognizing Slack Matrices Matt Gerstbrein